Sales Process & Development

A recent study of TOP SALES PRODUCER in the US, they found that 3 out of 4 had hired a personal sales coach at some point in their careers and over 50% still have a personal coach.  Is your company a TOP SALES PRODUCER?

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The top 3% of all sales people earn the top 40% in revenue.  The main differentiator between these successful sales people and the below average performers is that they treat sales like a business, with a technical process as opposed to believing that a good sales representative is a jovial person that people like so they buy from him/her.

What do most companies do?  Some studies show that over 89% evaluated, the sales forces lack a formal, structured sales process?  They lack the basic building blocks to enable them to have a proper Sales Process for their sales team!

Where do you fit in?

NBG is here to help you transform your company’s sales process and sales methodology.  Once the foundation for a proper sales platform is created, you can then look to improve your sales team’s specific sales abilities.

Understanding the difference between the two terms; Sales Process and Sales Methodology is the first place to start.

Sales Process: The measurable, consistent, and systematic series of steps that map out and track interaction with prospects from their first point of engagement through the closing of an opportunity.

Sales Methodology:

The skill set of selling. The learned behaviors, tactics, and strategies used by a sales team to execute and fulfill the sales process in a professional and conversation manner.

What Is This Service?

NBG is here to help you pull together all your sales marketing materials, sales tools, define your sales process, and your methodology.  We’ll help you create your Sales Guide, and define your sales cycle process to create your sales pipeline.

NBG will work with ownership/Executive Management to create sales goals, incentives, and measurement processes.  This process often starts a little painfully for our owner clients as NBG starts off being very tough and critical with the existing process/materials/presentation, especially regarding the important steps and procedures that are often missing from the existing process.

We break the existing process down, then build it back up improving it until it is a fine-tuned sales process machine!

The Sales Consulting services can be provided completely virtually or as a mix of virtual and on-site services, this will be addressed in the specific Sales Consulting Plan.

Additional Related Services:

– Need a new CRM System?  No problem, engage NBG in the evaluation, selection, and implementation of a new CRM System including training and long-term support.

– Need improved marketing materials?  Once again, NBG is ready to help design, develop and produce these electronic and print sales materials for you.

– Need a better Internet presence?  NBG has been involved in the Internet since its inception, and offers off-shore talent with over 18 years history to help keep your costs down.

– Need to sub-contract some inexpensive tele-sales, online research, AdWords PPC management, or email marketing services?  Engage our team, that knows your company, and your industry to provide these service on an as needed basic, for the most competitive pricing you can find!

How Does It Work?

The Project Plan will outline the specific process and timeline, but it typically involves some initial ‘homework’ for the client owner and/or Executive staff, then a full day or two on-site to be used as a productive work session.  Prior to having us produce a recommend Sales Consulting Plan, please let us know your need and interest in any of the additional services above so that we may include these in the proposal.

What Does It Cost?

Once the Project Plan is created, it will have a fixed cost, with a not to exceed cost ceiling.  Client will pay 60% upon engagement, and the final 40% upon completion and delivery.

Next Stage in Sales Consulting

Once your company has defined its Sales process and gathered together the needed tools for development of your Sales Methodology, you may wish to engage NBG for an additional follow-up consulting service:

1) Sales Training.  Implementing your Sales Methodology and putting your Sales Team though some basic and/or advanced sale straining sessions.

2) Sales CRM Monitoring/reporting.  We can provide monthly sales performance review of your pipeline to planned results.

3) Sales Meeting Management.  Some companies prefer to have an outside party manage the weekly/monthly sales meeting telephone conference calls especially where the owner is one of the main sales agents.

See your Specific Project Plan.