You’re here because we stopped by your website and determined that you might be interested in having some work done.

It might be that we felt your site just needed an update to look more current/modern, mobile friendly.  Maybe we saw a way it could be more effective and made some suggestions for you.

Either way, we’re just looking to start an email dialog, we will provide free information and advise, and if you like what you read from us, you can schedule a meeting.

Starting with an introduction. My name is David Lancaster, I’ve been in the High Tech field since the early 80’s, both in new business launches, International corporations, and helping others launch and build their companies. I’m here to help companies that need to have a solid business presence and market themselves on the web in the best way possible, without spending an arm and a leg!

We’re located in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, so we’re practically neighbors!

My Team is here to provide marketing and advertising services from online marketing, web development, SEO and Google AdWords Mgmt, to print marketing materials and email or direct mail marketing.  I can provide these services with much greater value since we KNOW what marketing processes and messaging will work, and how to get your message out.  In addition, we employ off-shore technical staff to keep our costs down for our clients. 

You get the best of both worlds!  A US based marketing and sales professional, who will supervise off-shore staff so you can spend less on your marketing needs!

To make this process quicker and easier for both of us, we need to exchange some more information. To this end, I’m asking you to take a couple minutes and complete the short form below. Once you’ve provided the information, I will reply with an email  to address how I can or can not help you.  I will give you exact costs and time frame, and if you like what you read, we’ll schedule a free, no obligation, telephone consultation as the next step or better yet I’ll stop out for a visit, as long as you supply the coffee!


I’m looking forward to hearing from you!




David Lancaster
David LancasterOwner

We specialize in transaction oriented website such as
ecommerce, membership, or listing sites.

All sites built with responsive designs
to address all screen sizes.

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