Past Positions:

  • President/Owner of a Philadelphia based web services business
  • Owner/Partner, PRHub – national construction industry marketing firm
  • USA CEO of the 5th largest global accounting software publisher
  • President of Israeli based software producer of #1 utility program in ’96
  • President of an incubator launching several Internet businesses
  • Director of Sales, Franchise Operations with 100+ franchisers
  • President of an accounting software reseller, servicing 400+ clients
  • President/Partner of a high volume computer retail store
  • Managed a beverage distributor w/ 500 commercial accounts

Notable Endeavors:

  • Managed national marketing campaigns with over 3M budget
  • Launched New Venture with over 5M in first round funding
  • Opened new countries for global software products
  • Executed multiple acquisitions (valued at 60M+ In 1999)
  • CEO/President of company with over 200 employees & 4 locations