Reputation Management

helps companies eliminate or reduce the damage caused by negative Internet postings that are ranking highly on searches for their company, brand names, or individuals associated with the organization (such as the company president).

Removing the offending pages is difficult, however, we offer various
reputation-management-cycle - Reputation Management Services – Net Business Groupservices to bury the  results on secondary pages where they will attract less attention.  We do this by working with your existing customers to add positive reviews that will be more current and display above the negative reviews.

In some cases, where the problem is substantial, we can include social media postings to assist in filling the front page of the main search portals. This is an advanced service that takes considerably more time and investment.

Unlike other reputation management services, we work directly with you and your customers to create new positive reviews for your business.

Something all businesses should be doing all the time

You will present us with a list of customers, associates, business associates–people that will provide us, when contacted, with good references.  We will farm these references and submit them online, often doing the work for the people, so they don’t have to.

Then you will have a form to supply additional contacts 24/7 who we will work with on an on-going basis, adding new postings each month.

We provide on-going monitoring and on-going reputation management

Our reputation monitoring service allows you to have the peace of mind that a professional company is watching after your brand, letting you focus on the other crucial elements of your business.