Virtual Marketing Department

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Marketing is essential for success but many business owners don’t enjoy it.

Studies show us that 90% of all small business mistakes are marketing and advertising related.

We’re your solution! Add a Marketing Department to your business or organization without taking on the cost, risk, or training needed to hire an in-house marketer.

NBG is a ready-made marketing department. We offer a decade of experience marketing for entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized businesses, and work on either a per project basis or an a monthly set hour basis. We are off-site but offer all the benefits of an in-house team.

NBG Virtual Marketing Department can help you by:

Designing/Developing and maintaining websites
Developing collateral such as sales sheets, proposals, and brochures
Planning and implementing an on-going business development program
Maintaining your social media presence through blogs, Twitter, or Facebook updates
Preparing your company for a successful trade show experience
Compiling market research, including surveys and focus groups
Managing your AdWords campaigns
Managing your email marketing

Are you looking to take on an off-site, virtual marketer? Contact us a call today for more information.