Telemarketing Services

When you hear the word ‘tele-marketing’ your first reaction might be to wince…

Was it?

Many of us have a negative impression to telemarketing, but like many forms of marketing/advertising, it works!telemarketer-200x300

What is your usual reaction when you hear a telephone ringing? Yes, to answer it – and this is where telemarketing gets your attention.

Telemarketing is a way of marketing your goods, advertising services etc over the telephone.  When telemarketing is conducted professionally it can get huge results. There are so many ways in marketing to get your message to potential customers.  Personal contact by telemarketing operators is still one of the most effective tools available to marketers. The power of speech is a very effective sales tool!

Personal one to one contact will allow you to get feedback back quickly and deal with queries immediately, therefore establishing a one to one relationship with a customer.

Telemarketing will get your product or service quickly and effectively to a customer.
Telemarketing services are not expensive and are a fast way of conveying a message over the telephone.  It can be the best way to gauge a customer’s interest immediately, ask questions to assess the customer’s needs, to identify qualified leads and it can allow you to identify relevant contacts.

First Step In Having Us Manage Your Telemarketing Needs:

We will conduct a telephone interview to guage your needs and your goals.  We will then create the required scripts (with your input), and provide you with an online tracking system to measure the performance 24/7.  One-time set-up fee of $695 for each campaign.

We Offer Two ‘Categories’ Of Tele-marketing Services:

1) An inexpensive First Call/Survey telemarketing process that uses less expensive off-shore callers to make initial ‘non-sales’ calls.  Introduce a new product/service, drive people to your website, take survey, introduce a product/service and schedule follow-up calls by salesperson.

2) North American Based Senior Telemarketers.  High level, sales ready telemarketers to help grow your business.

You can pre-purchase tele-marketing hours in blocks, larger block = larger discount.