Executive Development & Time Management

“Time is money,” true? If your business runs out of money, you can always make another sale and get more money. On the other hand, once time is gone you can never get that time back and you cannot add more hours to a day.

So, poor time management can cost you and your business tremendous amounts of money.

Realize, however, that the better you manage your time the more money you can earn. With time management, business owners maximize how much they get done each working day. Having a written time management plan serves as a guide for working smarter instead of harder.

Some Benefits of Time Management
  • With effective time management, you will:
  • Maximize what can be accomplished in a work day
  • Maximize the use of the limited resources
  • Identify critical areas for special attention
  • Identify tasks that can be delegated to employees
  • Track progress toward your goals

The number one benefit of time management is more business, which means more income. Time management will allow you to be more focused on key tasks, be more organized, have less stress, and have more time for family, friends, and other interests.

How do you answer these following questions?
  • In what ways have you wasted or not optimally managed your time?
  • How many times have you looked up and wondered where all the time went?
  • How many times has your day ended where you didn’t complete a key task and/or desires?
  • How many weeks are you basically working “over-time”?
What would you gain if you just saved yourself 25 minutes each work day?

25 minutes each day, for 200 work days is a total of 5,000 minutes, or 83 hours… or about 2 weeks of solid work time.  If you had the next two weeks free… nothing to do but make money, what could you get done?

What Is This Service & How Does It Work?

NBG will conduct an on-site work session day focused on owner and executive staff time management and related tools.  Client will provide a reply to a questionnaire prior to on-site session so that parts of the work session can be customized.

We will review common time management list practices used successfully by other companies.  Next, NBG will review your time management related processes and tools, suggesting different implementations as needed.

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1) Project Management System selection/review, and implementation

2) Task List Management System selection/review, and implementation

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