Marketing Planning & Development

What Is This Service?

Once your company has a defined Marketing Strategy, you need to take the next step and create a Marketing Plan.  If you need assistance to create/define a company Marketing Strategy we provide this service as well, please see separate service sheet.

You want to create your first formal Marketing Plan with a step-by-step outline, Action Item list, and Pro Forma.  You need a foundation that will make it ‘cookie cutter’ for you to draft and update your Marketing Plan each year.

NBG can create this foundation for you. NBG will draft a Project Plan that will result in a Marketing Plan for your business with budget Pro Forma and full Action Item list with timelines.  The Project Plan may, or may not, involve on-site meetings, but will definitively require both Executive Level and Support Staff time for the planning & development, information exchange, and presentation production.

How Does It Work?

We will engage our web based NBG ProjectCenter to automate and facilitate the process facilitating communication, file exchange, and task management for both NBG and client staff.  Client will supply all relevant information on past and current marketing efforts and programs, and this information will be reviewed/discussed either in person or virtually.

Management and NBG Executive Mentor will conduct a meeting to determine a reasonable budget based upon company revenue, growth goals, and existing market positioning.

Based upon budget guidelines and desired results, NBG will compile a draft Marketing Plan, that when approved, will be converted to a final version with detailed Action Item lists.

Typical Marketing Plan Outline

– Basic Outline Marketing Plan

1. Marketing Vision

1.1 Goals

1.2 Purpose

1.3 Picture

1.4 Gap Dashboard

2.0 Ideal Customer

2.1 Market Description

3.0 Remarkable Difference

3.1 Differentiators

4.0 Core Strategy

4.1 Core Branding Elements

5.0 Product/Service Innovation

5.1 Price Rationale

6.0 Marketing Materials

7.0 Web Plan

7.1 Social Media Plan

8.0 Lead Generation Plan

8.1 Advertising

8.2 Referrals

9.0 Lead Conversion Plan

10.0 Service Experience

10.1 Loyalty Product/Service Offerings

10.2 WOW Process

11.0 Marketing Calendar

11.1 Monthly

12.0 Critical Numbers

12.1 Sales Forecast

12.2 Marketing Expense Budget

12.3 Key Marketing Metrics

13.0 Marketing Training Game

What Does It Cost?

Once the Project Plan is created, it will have a fixed cost, with a not to exceed cost ceiling.  Client will pay 60% upon engagement, and the final 40% upon completion and delivery. NBG may optionally be engaged to execute on some or all of the Action Items in your Marketing Plan based upon our Virtual Business Support Services.

Additional Marketing Research Requirements

While you may have a tremendous knowledge of your company, competition and industry, you may need to engage NBG to gather additional market research.  This additional information may be purchased as in Industry Market Reports, or gathered through manual on-line research.  A separate price will be quoted for this service if needed.

See your Specific Project Plan.