Software Tool Selection Service

In today’s competitive business environment, you must use a strong CRM software system to make sure that you are not allowing potential revenue to drop through the cracks of your busy company environment.

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There are many features and function sets that exist in the CRM solutions, and there are various options on how the software is provided; locally installed on your in-house network, installed on your own website/domain, or provided as rental service from the web.

NBG has strong history in the software industry with its principle going back to the early 80’s.  We can walk you through the selection process, help you purchase/rent, install, train to use, and then provide on-going support as needed.

We offer these services for a fraction of the cost typically charged by other Contractors by leveraging much less expensive off-shore technical resources that have worked with us for almost two decades.

What is The Process?

You select one or more of the software/technology solutions that you wish to implement, either for the first time, or to replace existing solutions.  You select the level of consulting service you wish to engage from NBG (just research and acquisition assistance, full implementation, full training with company specific user guides, and/or post implementation support).

We will start the process with a questionnaire that we ask you to rate various feature and feature needs on a 1 to 5 grade.  Using this questionnaire, we will find and present your best options.

What Is The Cost?

Software Type Find Solution Implement Solution Train Staff Virtually Train Staff On-site * On-going Full Support
Accounting System $2500 $2000 + product costs $2000 + $125 per $2500 + $200 per $200/mo
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) $1500 $1500 $1000 + $125 per $1500 + $200 per $150/mo
Project Management $1500 $1500 $1000 + $125 per $1500 + $200 per $150/mo
File Sharing / Document Repository $500 $400 $500 NA NA
Email Marketing System $500 $400 $500 NA $100/mo