Events Calendar Pro and Events Ticket Pro Plugins for WordPress from Modern Tribe.

Add a professional Events Calendar to Your Website With optional Ticket Sales!

NBG will install, configure the Calendar and Ticket systems using plugin’s options/settings to blend into your site design.  We will also enter your initial 2 months for events/tickets.  You may elect to manage the process moving forward, or you may engage NBG Support to do this for you.

Events Calendar Pro Business

$399 first year.

Events Tickets Pro Business

$399 first year.

Purchase Both Events Calendar and Ticket Pro Business together for a discounted $699

NBG will purchase the license, and manage your yearly plugin renewal fees on-going, if you’re a NBG Hosting Client, the yearly license fees will be included in your yearly hosting invoice, otherwise invoiced separately at cost plus 10%, (Current yearly renewal fees for Event Calendar Pro Business is $149, Event Ticket Pro Business is also $149).