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A Mobile Website is a site specifically  Mobile Website Design & Development Company - Net Business Group

designed for viewing on smart phones.


Does Your Site Display On A Cell?

Some Mobile Usage Facts

Currently, 2 out of 5 Americans access the web from their mobile phones every day. Has your website been constructed to meet their needs?

  • By 2015 there will be one mobile device for every person in the world
  • In 2013 more people will use a mobile device to get online than use PC’s
  • YouTube mobile–alone–gets over 100 million views a day.
  • Retailers can increase traffic up to 85% by simply having a mobile website.
  • One out of three mobile searches are local searches.
  • 50% of consumers are more likely to buy from a business with a mobile website.
  • 59% of those users end up stopping in the business
  • 50% of the mobile users who found your site end up as a purchasing customer
  • There is a 40% chance consumers will go to another site if they don’t like yours
  • Users are 57% less likely to recommend you if they don’t like your mobile site.
  • In 2013, tablet devices will make up nearly 21% of the mobile market
  • 60% of mobile users expect your mobile website to load in under 3 seconds

All Business Need A Mobile Website In Order To Remain Competitive.

Usually, websites appear unorganized, or are difficult to navigate when accessed via a mobile phone or smart phone.  Try opening your existing website on a smartphone, you will see that the experience of browsing your site is not the same when viewed on a desktop or laptop.

With the tremendous increase of mobile phone users, it is important for website owners to get a mobile version for their site.

We Can Help You With This

We offer professional mobile web design services to help you, easily, reach your target prospects. The mobile version of the website that we design and develop can be easily accessed on smart phone browsers.

Which Mobile Operating System Fits Your Business Needs?

All of them…right?

What we recommend is not a specific application for each platform, but a Mobile Website that is accessible on all the above platforms. The Benefits are numerous:

  • Making it easy for your customers to reach you via a mobile phone
  • No inconvenient downloads required by your customers
  • Easily accessible on any mobile browser
  • Multiple development platforms are not required
  • Easier to update and manage

A mobile site version is ideal when consumers are accessing information on the move.

Mobile Sites Are Best Suited For:

  • Corporate websites

  • Pricing Display
  • Store/Dealer Locations
  • Booking Tickets
  • Events Calendar
  • Contact Forms
  • Google Map Location plotting
  • Contacts or People Directory
  • Classifieds
  • E-commerce (Mobile Commerce)
  • Messaging Sites

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