Website Review Services

check - Website Review Services – Net Business GroupYour website has to answer the needs of your customers.

Everyone knows this, right?  Then why is it that the majority of websites today DO NOT DO THIS?

We think this is based upon two issues…

1) Most small businesses have just placed a website on the Internet like they would a company brochure. This worked 15 years ago, it doesn’t work today.

2) The other reason, is the concept of over-exposure. Business owners have looked at their website a thousand times, so they’re almost immune to whether or not their website is actually doing a good job marketing and selling.

We can resolve these issues.  A website review will tell you exactly where the problems lie.

For a very competitive price, we will give you advice and recommendations on everything from design, navigation, style, marketing messaging, and content composure. Each review is unique, we don’t rely on any templates – we simply spend several hours looking through your site.

The detailed report is typically 3-7 pages covering the following areas:

  • the message conveyed
  • the general appearance
  • pushing the sale
  • navigation
  • clarity
  • the overall impression
  • recommendations
  • finding your website